How to use File Locker feature ( New Version ) ?

File Locker is a useful tool from Net Protector Antivirus, personal space for storing confidential data on a computer with password protection is the main objective of file locker.

If You are using Old Version please click here - Old Version

File Locker Step-By-Step Workflow Explained Below :

Step 1 - 

Open the NPAV dashboard and go to the privacy tab and click on the file locker option

Step 2 - 

after clicking on the file locker option new UI opens which has 3 main buttons
  • Creation of a new vault
  • Refer to documentation regarding how to file locker works by clicking on "how it works"
  • If the user wishes to switch to the old version then needs to click on the "old version" button

Step 3 - 

Vault Creation Process
  • for the creation of a new vault, the user needs to provide basic details like vault name, password, and email address
  • after clicking on create button processing time required for vault creation
  • as soon as the vault is created user will receive credentials on the registered email address for further use

Step 4 - 

Drive Creation Process
  • after vault creation enter the size in GB for drive creation
  • Click on create drive button and the drive create process starts

Step 5 - 

Drive Functionality
  • after the creation of the drive by default, the drive is unlocked
  • on UI 3 buttons are present
    • open explorer - use to view copied files and folders, deletion of folders and files (refer to button 1)
    • lock - as click on the "lock" button drive gets locked (refer to button 2)
    • drive size is shown after vault creation (refer to button 3)
    • delete - drive deletion is done using the "delete" option (refer to button 4)

for the deletion scenario if the drive is unlocked then no need to enter password, but if the drive is locked then a password needed before the deletion of the drive

For any other queries, please call our technical support team.

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