Net Protector Mobile Security : Installation and Activation

  • You can download NPAV Mobile Security antivirus apk file by following two ways: 
  1.  Download the .apk file from the following link directly
  2. Go to google store and search for NPAV mobile security antivirus.
  • If you are downloading NPAV mobile security from Google play store then no need to change any settings, it will install automatically.
  • If you have downloaded Apk from above link then before installation follows below steps to avoid problems related Mobile Antivirus installation:
    • Step 1: Open Google Playstore App
    • Step 2: Open Playstore Menu
    • Step 3: Select Play Protect
    • Step 4: Click on Setting Icon
    • Step 5: Disable the following two Option
      • Scan device for security threats
      • Improve harmful app detection
    • Step 6: Now Install APK.
      After apk installation again enables the above options.
      - Note : If you get a message that ‘Install Blocked’, then click on Settings you  will see ‘Unknown Sources’ check that box and continue.
  • After Successful installation complete following steps for registration and use NPAV Mobile Security Antivirus application.

  1. Enter your name.
  2. Enter your email id.
  3. Enter your mobile number.
  4. Enter the license code.
  5. Click on Online button.

After successful registration, your NPAV mobile security application gets activated and you will get your Home Screen.



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