Antivirus Notification Management

At NPAV we believe that providing the customer with all our service-related information should be a priority. So NPAV has various notifications which keep on reminding you about our modules and their working during updates, scans, ransomware and malware detection, etc. Notifications issued by NPAV helps in keeping the users updated about all the services that we provide.

Since we understand the importance of these notifications and user satisfaction related to it, NPAV is releasing a new module that will now allow you to manage these notifications at one place. The module contains four modes depending on which the notifications will be managed.

These modes are :

  • Super Silent
  • Customize
  • Default
  • High

1. Super Silent Mode:

In this mode, all the notifications issued by NPAV will be muted for a specific user decided duration. The user can select the duration of this mode right after activating the super silent mode. Once the duration of super silent mode expires, the notification mode will shift to the previously used mode. 

2. Customize Mode:

In this mode, the user will have the option to customize the module notification settings manually.

Customizing options include:

On: Displays the notification on the screen for selected modules.

Silent: Only important popups will be displayed.

Off: All the notification related to the application will be switched off.

3. Default Mode:

In this mode, the notification settings are set to default. This mode will show the notifications which are enabled by NPAV

4. High Mode:

In this mode, notifications related to all the modules of NPAV will be given to the users.

How to change notification modes?
  1. Move the cursor on Customize mode.

  2. Select the check-box of the module whose notification you want to display.

  3. Click on the edit button.

  4. Now in 'Change Setting' Dropdown Select the ON, Silent or Off option.

  5. Click on Save Button to activate the notification mode.

  • While changing the notification settings using customize mode, a different window will appear for the user to manually decide the module related notification.

Setting the Default notification mode to Super Silent:
  1. Move the cursor on Super Silent mode.

  2. Click on save.

  3. Select the specific time duration and click on 'OK'.

Setting the Default notification mode to High:

  1. Move the cursor on High Mode.
  2. Click on Save Button to activate this mode.

Accordingly, the user can choose the notification modes depending on their preferences.

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