How to Delete NP DataBackUp?

* It is strictly recommended do not delete backup folders because in the ransomware case we will not able to provide your data back. 

Follow the below steps to delete NP DataBackUp folders

Step 1: Open the Net Protector and click on PROTECTION.

Step 2: Select the Data Backup Option.

Step 3:  If you don't want to take backup in future, untick auto-backup option. It will ask for confirmation about deleting old backup.

Step 4: If you wish to keep only recent backup files then click on Manage Backup Button.

Now you can choose which backup you want to delete and click on Delete button.

Once you pressed Delete button you will get the confirmation message for the same.

Step 5: Sometimes there are more than one backup folders in different drives. So to delete old backups click on Manage Old Backups as shown below.

Step 6: Now you can choose which drive backup you want to delete and click on the Unlock button.

This will remove lock from BackUp folder and then you will have to go the Backup Path and delete it manually.  

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