How to Install Endpoint Security Client?[LAN]

EPS Client Installation:

The Client Installation process is very simple and hassle-free. One Click Go installation feature is provided in the Client Installer. It will save the user time.
  • Download Client Installer on Client Machine

    • Open the browser on the client machine and enter the given URL (Server Machine Name) on the address bar.
    • This will display the Client Installation page, user needs to click on "Np Corporate Installer" link to download the CI.EXE on the desktop.

  • Run Client Installer ( Ci.exe )

  • New Key Installation

    • The Client Installer will show the NPAV EPS Server IP address. 
    • If IP address not found then the user can provide EPS Server IP address manually by using the "Change IP or Name" option.
  • Provide Key for this PC

    • This option is used for reinstallation case. If user formatted the machine then select this option.
    • User can provide NPAV key manually or click on the search icon to get the previous assigned key from NPAV EPS Server. Here user don't need to remember NPAV key for the particular machine.
  • Use Password 

    • User can provide a password for the key bank from the NPAV EPS Server.
    • If password set for a key bank then the user needs to provide the password for issuing the key at the time of client installation.
    • Click on Continue button for installation.
  • Fetch / Assign Key Automatically

    • Client Installer will fetch NPAV key automatically from the NPAV EPS Server.
    • User can see the total key used and remaining keys on the client installer window.
  • Client Installation Completed

    • User needs to wait until all the client installation process complete.
    • Client Installer will close automatically once installation is complete.
    • Client Installer will show the green tick for each completed step.

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