How to Install NPAV Endpoint Security Server? [LAN]

To install Endpoint Security Server follow the below steps:

Download Setup Files

EPS Server Installation:

  • NPAV Endpoint Security can be installed on any operating system, it will be worked as Endpoint Security Server.
  • Run NPCorpEditionServer.exe
    • Click on Next button
    • Enter Corporate Key for Authentication
      • Customer needs to enter C-XXXXXXXXXX key in the provided box
    • Is Existing User
      • This option is used for the re-installation of Endpoint Security, if you are already registered with Endpoint Security then use this option.
      • User needs to provide either Corporate Key or Corporate ID for authentication.
      • By choosing this option, the user doesn't need to register Endpoint Security again.
    • Install Corporate Web Control
      • This option is used for the installation of Corporate Web Control software along with Endpoint Security, as this is the addon feature.
      • The customer has to purchase Corporate Web Control software separately, as it doesn't come with Endpoint Security.
      • If the user purchased Corporate Web Control then need to tick this option and also need to provide the Corporate Web Control key for the installation.
      • The default this option is unchecked.
    • Click on Verify button
      • This will verify the entered key is valid or invalid from the NPAV EPS server
      • Once key verified from the server then a green tick will be displayed.
  • Click on Next button
    • Enter the Corporate Details
      • Customer needs to enter correct details in the product registration form.
      • No. of Users/Keys count will be automatically fetched from the NPAV EPS server. Click on Save button.
  • Server Antivirus Installation

    • The installer starts the NPAV Antivirus installation on the server machine.
    • If adjacent NPAV setup is old then the installer will show the warning message in the red color text, and it is recommended to download the latest NPAV setup from the internet. 
    • User can provide the latest NPAV setup manually by using the browse button.
    • In this step, User needs to wait until the NPAV Antivirus installation complete.
  • Configuring EPS Server

    • In this step, NPAV Endpoint Security Server configuration will be done.
    • User needs to wait until the process complete.
  • Server Installation Completed
  • Now the user needs to install CI.EXE (Client Installer) on the client machine.
  • Set Password
    • It is recommended to set password to more protection, it prevents from unauthorised access.  
    • Password Protection contains three options which are given below
      • User can set a common password to
        • Client Installer: The password will be asked at the time of client installation.
        • Endpoint AntiVirus: Set the password to the Endpoint Antivirus, so nobody can change the antivirus settings except than authorized person.
        • EPS Application: Set password to the Endpoint Security Application.
    • Password protection fields are optional, user can skip this step and finish the installation by clicking on Finish button.
  • Click on Finish button

    • Click on Finish button to complete the Installation of NPAV Endpoint Security.
    • Now, the server side installation has been completed.
    • On successful installation, the EPS tray icon will have appeared on the taskbar right bottom corner of the screen.

On successful installation, the EPS tray icon will have appeared on the taskbar right bottom corner of the screen.

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