How to Reactivate NPAV key?

Follow the below steps to Reactivate your NPAV key: 

  • Fill accurate details and click on submit button

  • ew window of reactivation will open where you have to check your key number and select mobile number check box then you have to give valid reason for reactivation and click on GetSecreteCode button
  • You will receive OTP to your registered mobile number, enter that OTP in text box and click on Reactivate button. 

  • By this process you can reactivate your license online.  
  • If you dont receive OTP then follow these steps:
      - Open the Registration Wizard or Topup Validity.(REGISTRATION WIZARD or NPAVTOPUP.exe) 

      - Call to NPAV Helpdesk and give the details.
    1. Key Number
    2. Customer Details(Registered Name, Mobile Number, E-mail Address)
    3. Give the Inst Code of current system.
    4. Fill the all details and Click on Online.
    5. You will get Unlock Code click on OK.
    6. Licenses will be activated in New System.

When Forgot Key Number

  • Call our NPAV help desk and provide following information for user verification.
  1. Installation Code
  2. Registered Mobile Number
  3. Registered E-mail Id
  4. Customer Name

Contact Numbers for Reactivation :

8055 776 321

020 - 67440 810


Reactivation Team,


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