Where to find Installation Code for Net Protector Activation

After purchasing Net Protector Anti-Virus, when you are trying to Activate NPAV and you are not able to find the Installation Code.

Installation Code starts with  HR- and NN-

This code will be available after downloading and installation of the Product. Kindly close the internet browser (e.g. chrome / firefox / internet explorer). Users should first download the Setup File (InstallNP2019.exe) from our website. http://www.npav.net/downloadfullversion.html

Direct Download Link: https://d.npav.net/np/installnp.exe

Size of the setup/installer file is approximately 312 MB to 350 MB. It is always good to check the file size before running the installer so that we can cross-check after the installation as sometimes the full file is not downloaded. At the end of the installation, the Installation Code will appear in the Registration Wizard.

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