Vulnerability Status tab of Admin Console (EPS) [WEB]


Vulnerability patches are windows updates, which are useful for security reasons as well as new updates related to operating system. 

User will never think about windows updates, he'll either set the windows update to Automatic or he may turn it off. Some of windows updates are critical which should be updated as soon as possible because most of the times critical updates are related to security. 

To install these updates to client machine directly Administrator can use this feature of Admin Console by which Updates will automatically installed to selected machine.

Step 1:

Open web browser and enter the following site

Step 2:

Enter your Registered Mail ID and Password which was sent by NPAV team to your mail id and click on Login button.

Step 3:

Click on Menu then click on Vulnerability Status Tab.

Step 4:

Admin Can View IP, Machine Name, User Name, Group Name, OSName, Critical, Important, Moderate, Total and so on.

Step 5:

To give Vulnerability related Setting, Select the machine, then click on Total Number of Vulnerability Count as shown in fig.

Step 6:

In this step Administrator can see the KB Article, Severity, MS Bulletin and Description for that update.

So Administrator can do only those updates which are needed as per organization.

Step 7:

To see the severity about windows updates administrator can check it from drop down list.

Critical:- Shows only critical updates.
Important:- Shows only Important updates.
Moderate:- Shows only Moderate updates.
All:- Shows all the updates available updates.

Step 8:

Administrator can select the related update for installation by click on check box and after that click on Install Button. Its recommended to install maximum four updates at a time.

We hope this article will help you to install the windows patches easily on client machines,

Thank You,
EPS Team,
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