Scan Status Tab of Admin Console (EPS) [WEB]


Scanning is related to scan files for detecting virus present in that file. Scan Status tab is useful to get details about virus which was caught during scanning also to give scanning related settings to client machines.

Need to do the following easy steps to give Scanning related settings to pc in your networks, which is shown in below image.

Step 1:-

Open web browser and enter the following site

Step 2:-

Enter your Registered Mail ID and Password which was sent by NPAV team to your mail id and click on Login button.

Step 3:-

Click on Menu then click on Scan Status Tab

Step 4:-

Admin Can View IP, Machine Name, User Name, Group Name, Last Scan Date, Threats Cleaned (Last 7 days), Threats Blocked (Last 7 Days), Process Hijack of every machine.

Step 5:-

Admin Can give setting to Selected Machine by following steps

  • Select the Single machine or All machines.
  • Press Right click button of mouse
  • Option will open, Select Settings and then Select Scan Settings

As shown in fig.

Step 6:-

Admin can give Scanning settings through this tab.

Step 7:-

Admin must select the type of settings he want to give, like

  • Daily:- By which scanning will be done on daily basis and admin can select the time.
  • Weekly:- Admin can select one day on which scanning operation will be performed.
  • Alternate Day:- By which scanning operation will carry out Alternate days of every week.

 Silent Scan:- By which your will not able to see the scanning operation, scanning will done in background by which user will not feel any interruption.

Step 8:-

Scan Options will help to scan the files as their extension types

  • Executable Files:- It will scan only Executable files from the system. (.EXE files)
  • All Files:- It will scan all types of files like .exe, .doc and so on.
  • User Specified Extension:- Its a custom scanning setting in which user can enter specified Extension for scanning.(eg:- .jpg, .bat etc)

Step 9:-

Admin can check which types of Virus are blocked by click on Thread Counts, Admin can see full report of Virus found while scanning or by shield in Last Seven Days and what are the virus which found frequently shown in Top 5 virus names.

Also he can view report of Browlog, BackUp and Memory scan by click on the links present on the bottom of the page.

I hope this article will be useful for understanding scanning related settings and how to get information you needed.


EPS Team,


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