Key Details Tab of Admin Console (EPS) [WEB]


Key Details tab is useful for top up the license of client machine, key details of client machine like its expiry date, when you did top up to that machine, how much keys did you used for that machine, which machine have which key and so on.

Following are the simple steps to use the Key Details tab from Admin Console (EPS). 

How to Use Key Details tab?

Step 1:

Open web browser and enter the following site

Step 2:

Enter your Registered Mail ID and Password which was sent by NPAV team to your mail id and click on Login button.

Step 3:

Click on Menu then click on Key Details Tab

Step 4:

Admin Can see Lic No, Expiry Date, Machine name, IP address, User name, Group Name, Updated Date, Last Info and Comments.

Step 5:

To Renew the Lic for existing expired machine, admin can give settings from here as follow
  • Select the machine 
  • Click on Expired On, new tab will open 
  • Add New Lic Key
  • Click On Submit Button.

Step 6:

Admin can view All Client machines top up history here by click on TopUp History Link as shown in fig.

Step 7:

Admin can view Key Details of Client Machines by Click on Key Number.

I hope this article will be helpful for managing the Keys across the network machines.

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