All Details tab of Admin Console Web (EPS) [WEB]


All details tab of Admin Console Web is useful to get all the information on a single screen view.

Step 1:- Open web browser and enter the following site

Step 2:- Enter your Registered Mail ID and Password which was sent by NPAV team to your mail id and click on Login button.

Step 3:- Click on Menu and then click on All Details tab.

Step 4:- In All Details tab user can view all the details of keys like Lic No(Key Number), Expiry date of key, IP address of client machines, Machine names, User Name, Group Name, Operating System Name, Last Scanning date, which scanning schedule allocated, Scanning Result, Self Defense, Shield Service, Shield Driver, ApCon Service, USB status, and so on.

Which Settings allocated to machines is visible in this tab  

I hope this article will be helpful for getting all the information you needed.
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