How to Use Assets Tab of Admin Console [LAN] ? (EPS)


Assets tab of Admin Console is very useful to track a record of Computers configurations and Hardware Changes. Basically its a hardware inventory report which was organized in a user-friendly way and which give report on every week to responsible person's mail address.

Following are the steps to 

use the Assets tab:-

1] Open Admin Console window and Go to Key Details tab.

2] Select all machine or Specified machines and go to settings then click on Report

3] Click on the check box of Hardware Information

Once:- Only once report will be generated

ON:- Reports will be generated weekly

OFF:- Hardware reports will not generate.

 Select ON and Click on Save button

4] Then Go to Assets tab

5] You Will see a Dashboard Where Pie chart shows the current hardware information related to Processor, Operating System and So on.

Dashboard also have option to Select Groups, Export Report to Desktop, Settings and Report

6] To get mail click on Setting Icon on Dashboard, then you will get Track Hardware Change Window where you can set your mail id and cc mail id to get Inventory Report on your mail id whenever you want like Right now, Weekly or Monthly.

If you want to know any hardware changed then click on Track Hardware change check box and wish to know the changes on mail then check the Notify check box and click on Save Button.

7] To know when and on which date machines hardware was changed then click on Track Hardware Change link, where you will get the Current changes and previous hardware information of Selected machine.

8] If you wish to see the details on List view then click on list button where you will get list view of each system with its Name, Ip Address, User, Ram, Processor name and so on.

9] To know the disk information of any machine in detail then Select the System then right click on it and Select Disk information, you will get the information on your default browser page.

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