How to use Key Details tab of Admin Console (LAN)?


Administrator can easily Topup the license of client machines using Key Details.
Key details of client machines like its expiry date, top up date, how many keys used for that machine, which machine have which key etc are found in Key Details tab.

Step 1:
Go to Key Details tab of Admin Console Dashboard.

Step 2:
Administrator can see the detailed report of each PC in network like Client IP, Host Name, Key No, Current Update, Info Date, Expiry Date, Group Name. 

Step 3:
If you want to top up client machine then select particular machine and then click on Select Setting and select TopUp or go to Setting Icon present on the bottom of Dashboard as shown below:

Step 4:
For Topup : 
Add New Key in the given text box and click on Save. If you have a dealer code then enter the dealer code in given box.

Step 5:
Administrator can check the detailed report of Topup for particular machine. Click on Topup Report or select Machine and click Topup icon present on the bottom of dashboard.
You can also Export the report, report will be saved on your desktop.

Step 6:
For details related to keys freed from your license bank, click on Freed Keys from Topup settings.

Administrator can see how many keys are freed and what is the reason for that, which machines key was freed, its IP address and Date when you freed that key.

Freed key can be used to any other machine so it can be used till its expiry date.

Step 7:
To Fetch the expiry date from Web Server you have to select machine and click the Fetch icon present on the bottom of the dashboard.

Step 8:
For saving all the details about keys offline you can export it to server machine in two format:

1] HTML: gives the web page view about the key details.
2] CSV: save a word like file to local machine.

Step 9:
You can select all PCs in network, click on Select All option instead of selecting each PC.

I hope this article will be helpful for managing the Keys across the network machines.
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