How to use Web Shield in EPS? [LAN]


Web shield protects from Dangerous, Phishing Websites, Scans and Blocks malicious scripts on Web Pages.

Endpoint Security users can apply Web Shield settings using below given steps:

Step 1:

Select the Web Shield tab from the Dashboard.

Step 2:
Administrator can see the detailed reports of each PC in the network.
Details consist of Client IP, Host Name, Web Shield, Web Scanning, Traffic Monitor, Net Usages, Block Dangerous Sites, Anti-phishing, Advertise Block, Adware Gen, etc.

Step 3:

For applying Web Shield settings, select any PC from the list of PCs.
Click on Settings drop down and select Web Shield option as per shown below.

Step 4:

Below given settings are available under Web Shield Settings:

  • Web Scanning For Viruses
  • Block Dangerous Sites
  • Enable Anti Phishing
  • Enable Log Option
  • Enable Traffic Monitoring
  • Adware Gen

Step 5:

For traffic monitoring report, click on the icon as shown below:

You can select Date and individual client PC from the drop down. Traffic monitoring report will be shown as below:

Step 6:

There is another shortcut for applying Web Shield Settings (Step 3), just click on symbol which is highlighted on below image.

Step 7:

You can select all PC's in network, using Select all icon.

I hope this article will be helpful for giving web shield settings.
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