How to take Data Backup in EPS?

Administrator can follow below easy steps to take Data Backup of network PCs.
Step 1:
Select the Data Backup tab from EPS Dashboard.

Step 2:

As shown in below given image, administrator can see the detailed report of each PC in network. Report contains Client IP, Host Name, Backup Path, Month, Files, Size, Backup Drive Free Space, Backup Drive Total Space, Last Auto Backup, etc.

Step 3:

Select the PCs on which you want to take data backup, click on Select Setting drop down list and select Backup Setting option as shown below.

Step 4:

If you want to give default setting on any client machine, select Default option as shown.

Step 5:

You can add more extensions for data backup on any client machine, just enter that particular extension as shown below and click on Add. Similarly, you can remove any extensions from the given list, select and click on Remove.

Step 6:

You can also set Maximum size limit (in MB) for data backup.Select size from Maximum File Size Allowed (In MB) drop down.

Step 7:
You can also give settings for taking data backup of files modified within some days, click on File Modified Within (Days) drop down list and select days.
Admin can also take auto backup of selected extensions by clicking on Auto Backup.

Step 8:

Admin can view report for Data Backup taken on network PCs. Click on Select Report and select Data Backup.

Step 9:

Report Window:

1. Admin can view report for any PC in network by selecting PC name from drop down list.
2. Click on Next to view reports for next client PC in the network.
3. Click on Prev to view reports for previous client PC in the network.

Step 10:

There is another shortcut for checking data backup of selected machine, just click on symbol as shown in below image.

Step 11:

There is another shortcut for Step 8 (viewing report), click on the symbol as shown in image.

Step 12:

You can also select Data Backup setting, from the option given at the bottom of dashboard.

Step 13:
Admin can select all PCs in network, just click on Select All.

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