How to Scan PC using Admin Console (EPS) ?

Need to do the following easy steps to Scan PCs in your network, which are shown in below image.

Step 1 :

Select the Scan tab from the Admin Console Dashboard.

Step 2 :

Administrator can see the detailed report of each PC in network like Client IP, Host Name, Last Scan, Threats clean, Threats Blocked, Scan PC Result, Group Name as shown in below image.

Step 3 :
Select the PC on which you have to scan, click on Select Setting and select Scan option as shown below.

Step 4 :
If you want to schedule the scanning on any client machine, need to select first option and do the simple steps.
Click on Scan Schedule option and make " Status" as " ON", tick Silent scan, Type, and Fix the Time and Day.

Step 5 :

Admin can also scan particular file types:

  1. executable files for .EXE files
  2. All Files (no matter what is the extension of that file)
  3. User specified Extensions. 
Click on Scan options and select which file you want to scan that is Executable Files or All Files or User Specified Extension.

Step 6 :
If you want to skip any file or folder from the online protection, use the following option.
Click on Online Shield option and select which files and folders that administrator want to exclude from Online Shield.

Step 7 :
For skipping files or folders from the Scanner, this time exclude the file or folder by using this option.
Click on Scanner options and select which files and folders that administrator want to exclude from scan.

Step 8 :
Administrator can see the additional shortcut menus at the end of dashboard. Using this menus, administrator can select all PC in network, Change setting, View detail Reports and Scan PCs in network.

Step 9 :
For selection of all PC in network, click on Select All option instead of selecting each PC in network.

Step 10 :
For Scanning the PC's in network, administrator can use shortcut menu as shown in below image, select the PC's which you have to scan and click on scan now.

Step 11 :
Reports Tab :
If administrator want to view report of PC's in network then select one PC and click on Scan Report Tab as shown in below image:

You can view report of first PC in network.
1. Select the report date for viewing the particular date report.
2. Click on next to view reports for next client PC in the network for selected date.
3. Click on Prev to view reports for previous client PC in the network for selected date.
4. After clicking on View in Notepad you will get the virus details in notepad for the selected machine.
5. Administrator can see the detail report of PC like File Name, Path, Virus Name, Time.

Step 12 :
There is the short cut for the step no 3, you can use the shortcut icon as shown below.
Admin can also apply the scanning setting by using the shortcut (Quick access) icon.

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