How to Update Network PC using Admin Console (EPS) ?

Administrator can identify network PC which are not updated using the current Update Date, PC Name and IP And Group / Department.
Using Admin Console its very easy to update the network PCs.
Following are the simple steps to update all the PCs or selected PCs.
Step 1 :
Select the Update option from the Menu list which is present on NPAV End Point security file.
For reference please check the given image.

Step 2 :
Now you can see the list of machines and its last update date. Select the machine after clicking on check box which you want to update.
After machine selection click on the drop down list of setting option and select Update option. (shown in following image)

Step 3 :
Using this three option(shown in image) you can change the update schedule settings.
Using first option i.e. Update from in "Update From" you can inform the updater from where to take the updates(i.e. From LAN or from Internet).
Selected machines will take updates from the mentioned destination only.

Step 4 :
If admin want to start memory scan after Update, this time use second option and make the "Status" as "YES" for scanning the memory after completion of the update.

Step 5 :
If Admin want to change the Update Schedule for any particular machine or on all machines, this time just click on "Update Schedule Setting" make Status "ON" and set the Type as "Daily" or "Interval".

Step 6 :
There is another shortcut for step 2, just click on symbol which is highlighted on below image.

Step 7 :
If Admin want to start Updater immediately on the selected machine, click on the shortcut menu icon shown in following image.

I hope this blog will help you to manage your network machines updated.
For total data protection keep your anti virus Up to Date. 

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