How to Install Krypton Enterprise backup on Client Machine?

KryptonEB - Perfect Backup Software

  • NPAV Lab's Discovered Trusted, reliable data Protection, Backup and Recovery for computers and servers. KryptonEB® is the perfect automatic backup software designed for your organization.
  • KryptonEB is the perfect automatic backup software designed for Al Windows OS Except Xp 
  • It makes a backup of your data files to another directory, internal or external hard disk or to a computer across the network.

Step 1: Download Client Installer from

Step 2: Run KryptonInstaller.exe from the Downloaded Path

Step 3: Firstly read all terms and conditions then Click on I accept terms & conditions checkbox,

Click on the Next button

Step 4: Enter Corp ID received on email id

Step 5: Select User from the list & click on continue button

Step 6: Click on Install button

Step 7: After successful installation click on OK button

Step 8: Finally click on Finish Button

Step 9: Add Job exe will launch to click on Add Job button

Step 10: Click on the Browse button and select folder which folder backup do you want to take

Step 11: Click on Add button

Step 12: Click on Next button

Step 13: Here you can select a schedule for your backup using the Days of the week on which day you want to take the backup.

Step 14: Also you can choose the specific day in a month

Step 15: Click on Next button

Step 16: Select Yes / No button for advanced features

Step 17: Add job name for identification & click on save button then Ok

Step 18: To Run the Job then right click & Run Job Or Run By default If Scheduled Is set 

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