How to use the Dealer Portal Application?

This APP is mainly designed for NPAV Dealers. In this app, dealers can manage all the key details like key Activation, Renewal of Customers, Reward points, Dealer score, etc functionality is there. Also, the Dealer can do Fast and Easy Online Activation of NPAV for Windows OS by QR code. Dealers can do Engineer Registration with this app.

Step 1: Login

Login to the dealer menu to access other features by entering the dealer code and password.

Step 2: Dashboard and Dealer Score

Upon successful login, the dashboard will display a dealer-related score.

Step 3: WA Marketing (WhatsApp)

For WhatsApp marketing templates, select any NPAV-related template image and post it on your WhatsApp status.

Step 4: Winners Gallery

Dealers can view the winner dealer's photos.

Step 5: Renewal Share

Allocate the renewal list to your staff or family members for work from home.

Step 6: Activations

Dealers will get the Last 100 Activated Keys Listed in the details for the login dealer code.

Name, mobile, license key, activate date, expiry date.

Step 7: Reward Points

Dealers can see all the reward points details of the last 50 keys like lic key, points, cust_name, and time when you got that reward.

Step 8: Renewals

We display renewal details for the past, present, and upcoming months, including license key, customer name, mobile number, and expiry date. We also send renewal notifications via Call, SMS, and WhatsApp

Step 9: Top-Up

Dealers can do top-ups directly from this application, no need to visit customer systems personally.

To do the topup, first add the customer's old key then you will get the customer details, verify once, and then add a new key number and click on Topup.

Also can view the status of top-ups given for customers as pending or done.

Step 10: Reward Keys

Dealers can view the Keys that are given as a reward from NPAV, and also check the status of whether Reward keys are activated or not, Activity Reward keys, and Activated Rewards keys count.

Step 11: Certificate

The dealer has the option to download their certificate within the app by selecting the "certificate" menu.

Step 12: Reactivate Key

Dealer can directly reactivate NPAV keys if required. It will also Display comprehensive information about the reactivate keys list, including details such as Lic key, Mobile No, Customer name, and Date.

Step 13: Search Key

Sometimes customers will forget their NPAV key, then to search for the customer key dealers can use the search key option. Also if they want to know the key information then also this option can be used.

Select Search Categories like Name, Mobile, and License Key Suppose we select the License key category then enter the license key and click on the search icon.

It will show the details like Name, Mobile number, and when it was activated.

Step 14: Key Status

Dealers can check the NPAV key status where it is activated or not.

  1. Click on the Check Key Status
  2. Enter License Key i.e. E-1234GHK16

    Click on the Check Key Status Button.

    It shows the Key Status below

    1. Key is Valid
    2. Key is Activated
    3. Expire date is 28/08/2025 Showing

Step 15: Scheme

Dealers can view the schemes-related templates and currently active scheme information in this option.

Step 16: Dealer Blogs

Dealers can view customer-related new schemes, cybersecurity-related information, and dealers-related new information, new applications, or product information, also blog links can be shared on WhatsApp directly.

Step 17: Buy Online

Dealers can buy NPAV keys online at a discounted rate offered exclusively for authorized dealers.

Step 18: Support

If any support is needed from the NPAV support desk then just enter the Anydesk id in the support option and click on the send whats app button, so that our support team will get in touch with you.

Step 19: Engineer

Dealers can add the engineer's name and mobile number. Dealers can also view the entire list of engineers.

Step 20: Contact

It will show the essential contact number-related information needed for the dealer, including the technical support team and reactivation team details.

Step 21: Check Batch

Dealers can verify if the batch number is for regional protection and for accruing points benefits of that batch-related NPAV keys.

Other regional keys will not have the point-related benefits. The dealer needs to enter the batch number and click on Check batch Region

Step 22: Dealer Price

Dealers can view all the products and check the special prices for NPAV products exclusively for dealers.

Step 23: Our Product

Dealers can check the wide range of products available with NPAV, like home user products, corporate user products, etc. Dealers can also request inquiries or demos of the products they want to know.

Step 24: Pio T3 App & Dukan App

These are the specialized applications for dealers only, by clicking these options dealers can directly get the app from the Play Store.

Step 25: Get Help

Dealers can send Suggestions, Issues/Problems, and feedback related to activation, re-activation, sales, schemes, and technical support.

Step 26: About US

Display app version, check for app updates, provide other important social media links, help email ID, and website link.

Step 27: Dealer Birthday

Dealers can add their date of birth, and on that day they will receive birthday wishes from team NPAV.

Step 28: Dealer Profile

Dealers can view the information such as firm name, contact person, mobile number, email address, city, and state.

Step 29: Dealer Firm Location

Show the current firm location by tapping on the location icon and entering the pin code and detailed address. We can also suggest customers visit your location.

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