NPAV Endpoint Security | Server Logs Archive Add-on

Server side all logs are stored in a Database. So this tool will take backup of the database to a file
and further archive to a zip file on the server. In-case of disk failure you can further send to FTP

To archive server logs, please download following plugin add-on (application for EPS Web Portal server.

Download and unzip and keep this EXE on Server on Desktop or any folder of your choice.

Add to Windows task scheduler - Daily or Weekly as per your requirement

Step 1: Go to "C:\ProgramData\Net Protector" and create new folder as "ServerArchive"

Step 2: Download and Put the Plugins in same folder, Run "EPSINTBKP.exe"

You can also change the Backup Folder location with browse button.

Step 3: If you want to send the generated backup to any FTP server then click on the check box and add FTP details, Click on save button.

Step 4: Click on Backup button for the backup to be completed

Step 5: Click on OpenFile to view the generated backup

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