How to Stop NPAV Auto Updates?

How to stop Auto Update – Scenario I

In NPAV (Net Protector Anti Virus) this is the feature that, user doesn't need to run updater manually, Anti virus will Update Automatically.

But there is optional for the user, if the user wants to update his Anti Virus manually he can do this, after doing small setting change.

Following are the steps which can be done for Disabling the Auto Update setting.

Step 1:

Right click on NPAV magnifier tray icon which is shown in bottom of screen at the right side. Shown in following image.


Step 2:

After right click, hidden menus will appear on screen, click on Scheduler option from the menu list.


Step 3:

After clicking on "Scheduler" new windows display on screen, which has all the options which are useful for the Antivirus.

In Update case there are two schedulers which are highlighted in following image.


Step 4:

Double click on "Spyware Update", and untick the "Activate this Schedule", then click on OK button.


Step 5:

Follow same steps for the "Auto Update" option.


After this small steps you can disable the Auto Update setting. If you want to enable the Auto Update do the same process only check the "Activate this Schedule".

How to stop Auto Update – Scenario II

There is another way to stop Auto Update setting.

After Installing the NPAV there is a shortcut icon created on desktop to launch NPAV dashboard.

Which is shown in Following Image.

Step 1:

 Double click on "Net Protector YYYY" icon.

Step 2:

 After double clicking on icon, NPAV dashboard will display on screen, you have to click on "Scan" option from the menu list.

Step 3:

 You can see now "Schedule Scan" icon after clicking on "Scan" option, just single click on "Schedule Scan" icon.

Step 4:

After clicking on "Schedule Scan" icon, you will get the new window, which has the all important schedules.

Step 5:

Double click on "Spyware Update", and untick the "Activate this Schedule", then click on OK button.

Step 6:

Follow same steps for the "Auto Update" option.

Note: Please keep your Anti Virus Up to date.

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