Application Control Policy

Application Control is very strong and powerful tool to block the Application,

This feature is introduced in End point Security (EPS - Admin Console).

The main purpose of this tool is to increase the productivity of the organisation.Block those applications which are not important for the organisation.

  • Administrator can block unwanted apps and allow only approved Apps.
  • View all daily running entire networks PCs apps on the Endpoint Security Server.
  • Very easy for the Administrator to block and allow any Application.
  • Create policies as per the department and apply policy.
  • View individual PCs Applications or view all Applications running on all PCs together as per the policy.
  • Set the application control in Audit Mode to Verify Policies in the network for initial few days and then later on convert Policy from Audit to Action.
  • Administrator can check the policy assigned date and applied date on the EndPoint Security.
  • Manage your all Apps without visiting client PC.
  • Administrator can manage the Application Control from web or from Local server PC.

How we can achieve this ?

Need to do the following easy steps to implement the Application Control in your organisation.

Step 1 :
Select the App Control tab from the Admin Console Dashboard
(Please check the following image).

Step 2 :
You can see the additional menus at the end of dashboard.

Step 3 :

Create the policy for the individual PC or the group of the PC.
Write the Policy Name in "New Policy Name" text box and click on Plus(+) button.
Please check the highlighted area in following fig.

Step 4 :

Select the PC on which you have to implement the created policy, And click on apply button, which is shown in Fig.  

To add the application in Block and Allow list you have to edit the policy.

The policy editor contains following Tabs:

Reports Tab:

You can view Reports from all PCs under a Policy, select the Duration for viewing the Reports(only last three months).Click on All PC Report to view Reports from all client PCs in the Network for selected month.

You can Identify and Review applications running on client PCs. Administrator can see the details of each app like File Name, Path, Publisher description etc.Report also shows the Count and Names on the PC where this application was launched and the date-time of launch.

Administrator can review this report and identify and add any unwanted or unproductive Apps to the Blocked Apps List.

Step 5 :
Block Apps :
Simple step to block the application. just check / tick and click Block Apps to block the apps.
The blocked apps will be visible in the Blocked List Tab.

Step 6 :

Approve Apps :

Apps which are useful and the administrator has already reviewed. it can be added to approved apps.

Approved apps are excluded from the Report. So that the Admin can concentrate on new Apps run in the client PCs which are not reviewed yet.

If client trying to run any Application which is set in Block list, this time client will get this Popup message.

How to Edit / Delete / view Policies:

1.Go to Application Control tab >> Click on View All link

2.Select Policy to Edit or Delete

3.Double click on policy to view added PCs.

After deleting any policy, that PC will get free from applied policy.

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