How to Boost your windows performance with NPAV?

Step 1: Double click on [ NPAV ] shortcut icon (Which is on desktop).

Step 2 : Select Update and Click on update Now.

Step 3 : Click on download button .

Step 4 : Finally Net protector Antivirus is Updated Successfully .

Step 5 : Go To System Tuner and Click on Junk Cleaner .

Step 6 : Open Junk Cleaner then Click on Start Scanning .

 Step 7 : Tick on Select All Button then clean Junk Data after that cleaning Junk Completed !

Step 8 : Go To System Tuner and Click on Startup Optimizer.

 Step 9 : Select All and Click on Optimize after Dialogue box Comes to Startup Optimizer Service then Click on yes button.

Step 10 : Select Delete Temp files on System Tuner and Select all then Click on Delete Button .

Step 11 : Select CleansysVol on System Tuner and click on ok button .

Step 12 : Select Optimize on System Tuner and Just click on ok button .

Step 13 : go to Privacy open privacy Control and select all apply setting then click on clear Now button.after that Cleaned Successfully !

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