BuyNow Makes Your Renewal Easier!!

For continuous protection and service, Net Protector notify you expiry of the product before 7 days.

First, click on 'Yes' option to continue the renewal process.

Kindly go through below steps for successful renewal:

  1. If you already have a new purchased key then click on 'I already have new key'.  

  2. Top-Up Window will get open. Enter the new key and follow top-up process after that click on online.  

  3. If you don't have a new key (not purchased) then Validate your information and click on 'Continue'.     

  4. Place your order here and select the correct Warranty period and No. of PCs.

5. Proceed for Renewal.

You will be redirected to browser to confirm payment. Enter your details here and click on 'Checkout & Pay'.  

6. After the payment is successfully done, the keys will be sent via SMS and Email. You then have to select the key for renewal of your anti-virus. 

7. Your anti-virus is now successfully renewed with the new key.

8.  You have done with the renewal process.

Enjoy the Total Protection against all types of online threats and virus attacks with NPAV and Stay Protected!

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