How to Create Policy in Corporate Web Control

Administrators can easily create policy for different computers in the Organisation.

Steps for creating policy:

  1. Login to your Corporate User Account.
  2. Go to "Policy" tab.
  3. Open "Create Policy" option.
  4. Here you can manage policy as per requirements.
  5. You can create department wise policies (such as Sales dept,Account Dept,Production Dept,HR Dept) also can create user wise policies for different users on same PC. 

  6. User can apply Web Restriction by selecting "specific" or "Always" time slot.

    User can apply web restriction by selecting days and time slot.
    24/7 time-slot consider for web restriction.

    Web restriction
  7. User can apply two mode "Allow all" or "Block All".

    Allow All:
    All web sites will allow except Block list URL.

    Block All:
    All web sites will block except Allow list URL..

    Internet Application Control:
    Applications those are connected to internet such as "Team Viewer", "Skype", "u Torrent" can be blocked using this mode.

    Allow-Block Mode
  8. User can also block websites by selecting popular categories of websites in "Category Control" mode such as:
    Shopping,Pornography,Social Network etc.

    Web pages can also be block by giving specific word in  "Content Filter" mode.

    User can set download limit for large size files using  "Download Control" mode such as Video,Games,Installers

    Category control
  9. Policy is created successfully.
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