How to Create Policy in Corporate Web Control

Administrators can easily create policy for different computers in the Organisation.

Steps for creating policy:

1.Create Policy

  • Open Browser
  • Login with valid credentials
  • Create Policy >>Enter policy name >> Save
  • Go to Time Slot tab
  • Default Time slot is Always
  • Click on save & Next button

2.Time Slot

  • Go to Time Slot tab
  • Choose Time slot  Always / Specific
  • As per time slot all policy is working
  • Click on save & Next button


  • Go to Time Restriction Tab
  • Add URLs to Allow list
  • Choose : // Default - Allow All // Default - Block All // allow all except Block List with Time Slot //Block all
    except Allow List with Time Slot
  • Click on save & Next button

4 Category Control

  • Go to Time Category Control Tab
  • Default category control OFF For Allow All Policy
  • OR  Create Policy as Allow All & turn ON category control
  • OR  Add some URLs in Categories Exclude List. Exclude URLs get opened. Category check box are visible to tick
  • Click on save & Next button

5.Attachment Control

  • Go to  Attachment Control Tab
  • FTP, GMAIL, Web Whatsapp  tick checklist for attachment control
  • Add exclude List. Exclude FTP, GMAIL, Web Whatsapp  get opened

6. Email Filter

  • Go to Email Filter Tab 
  • Allowed / Blocked Email ID and ON / OFF Gmail Tracking.

7. Internet Application Control

  • Go to  Internet Application Control
  • It Terminates the specified process like Process Name (e.g. utorrent.exe,firefox.exe,chrome.exe)

8.Exclude Process

  • Go to Exclude Process
  • Enter process name to exclude from filtering e.g. Tally.exe

9. Appmon Setting 

  • AppMon Setting table should visible to corp Web control Plus User.
  • Default Screenshot & Application monitoring should be OFF

10.After click on Finish button Policy has been Created or Updated 

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