How to Install Standalone EPS Client [LAN]

To install standalone client, please download the links given on your mail and then follow the below steps: 

Step 1: Create one folder on desktop and Put CI-offline_IP.exe, InstallNP.exe and Actin.ini same folder

Step 2: Rename the CI-offline_IP.exe to your server IP 

Example: CI-offline_192.168.100.100.exe ( is the EPS Lan server IP)

Run only CI-offline_192.168.100.100.EXE

Step 3: Click on continue button

Step 4: Further process will be done automatically and doing following task

- Retrieving Antivirus setup

- Install Client Antivirus

- Retrieve Activation Information 

-  Activate Antivirus

Client installation successfully completed, you can see the details on your server system.

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