EPS Totally Offline Server Installation

In this article we explain to you steps how you can install Net Protector Endpoint Security server in Offline scenario.

To install EPS Server offline, please follow the steps below: 

Step 1: Download NPAV Setup File & EPSSetServer.exe and keep these files in single folder

Step 2: Enter your Corporate key (starts with C-...)  provided by us on mail and click on Verify button. 

Step 3: Browse LicBank.txt file in KeyBank Path option. This file will be provided on email as per validity and PC Count purchased.

Step 4: Add all your corporate details for the Create corporate id generation page, Corporate Id will be available on your mail. Click on Save Button

Step 5: Installation will be started automatically.

Step 6: After successful installation, it will automatically proceed for activation.

Step 7: After activation, it will take some time to configure server related files.

Step 8: If you wish to add password for client systems, you can add from this form, and then click on Finish button.

Step 9: After this step it will start EPS Intranet (Web Portal On-Premises) Setup automatically if file is present in same folder.

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