How to take logs with EPS_NPLOG.EXE

Sometimes client systems are offline or no connectivity with server, in these cases if we need any log files from client system then this module will provide them easily.

Use the below steps to collect logs from client system: 

Step 1: Download EPS_NPLOG.EXE and EPS_NPLOG.ini file 

Click Here to Download :

Step 2: Unzip the downloaded file and Save both files on desktop.

Step 3: Run EPS_NPLOG.EXE 

Step 4: Successfully generated all log present in EPS_NPLOG.ini file, Client side path: C:\zv\EPS_NPLog\20230116\EPSLOGS

Step 5: Same log file will be successfully sent to LAN server if connection is available, Server side Path: C:\ProgramData\Net Protector\EPS_NPLOG

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