How to stop LDM [NPAV Application Locker Co] popup on Limited user?

Please follow the steps on EPS Lan Console to stop the popup messages of "NPAV Application Locker Co" on limited users' client systems.

Step 1: Open EPS LAN Console

Step 2: Go to Key Details & Click on "Select All" Check box

Step 3: Open Setting drop down and select the "Client Log" option

Step 4: Select the third option as "Send File". Download the below file and Select that file in Source File Option.

Click Here to Download: LDM.INI

  Step 5: Destination option, keep it as it is and click on Save Button.

After settings will be applied on client system, the popup messages for "NPAV Application Locker Co" will be stopped.


"C:\Program Files (x86)\Net Protector 202A\ZVSCAN\APLOCKDM.EXE"

Screenshot for the Popup Message: 

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