EPS Push Installation through IPScanner

Please follow the below steps for Push Installation of EPS Client's Systems through IP Scanner :

Step 1: Run the IPSCanner.exe

Step 2: Click on the Start button
Step 3: Select the client systems, if selecting multiple clients use the control key and select one by one
Step 4: Right-click on them and select the Install Client Option.
Step 5: Select the proper CIMSI_IP.exe file and Give the administrator username and password
Step 6: Wait for some time, you will get an installation complete message
Step 7: After completing installation wait for one day and the next day check those systems in IP Scanner
Step 8: If the systems status changed from "Not Protected" to "Protected" means installation has been successfully done on client side.
To download & keep them in single folder, IPScanner.exe & CIMSI.exe, please click the below link:


Client Installer

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