How to Optimize Startup time?

NPAV presents you with a new tool to optimize and fasten the startup of your system. Startup optimizer allows you to significantly decrease the startup time of your system by delaying the programs that have less priority. 
Prioritizing the operating system and related modules decreases the boot-up time of the system and improves performance greatly. NPAV's startup optimizer is user-friendly and will improve the system performance in terms of processing and startup.

Please follow the below steps to optimize your startup time:

Step 1: Open Net Protector Antivirus and click on System Tuner tab.

Step 2: Click on Startup Optimizer.

Step 3: It will open new window with the service list, Mark tick on Select All checkbox and then click on Optimize button.

Step 4: Click on Yes button to optimize all the services.

Step 5: You can check all your services are get optimized.

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NPAV Support Team, 

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