How to use NPAV Junk Cleaner?

NPAV Junk Cleaner

Junk cleaner provides various features to boost PC performance and delete potentially unwanted files left by certain programs, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Windows Media Player.
Junk Cleaner removes memory dumps, file fragments, log files, system caches, application data, and various other junk data which degrade the system performance.
Junk Cleaner is developed to provide advanced features and optimize the system performance. 
Some of the key features of the module are listed below:
  1. Speed-Up: 
    As the name suggests, Speed-Up can be used by users to analyze the entire system and find all junk and garbage files stored in the memory. The user gets a detailed report about the CPU and memory usage along with the option to delete selected categories of junk files.

  2. Startup Programs: 
    All the startup programs are listed under this section of the module. User can enable, disable, delete and open file location of the selected startup program.

  3. Uninstaller: 
    The Uninstaller module allows users to uninstall, update and get software information of selection programs. Uninstaller has a safely uninstall feature which hides the essential Microsoft applications and restricts their uninstallation.

  4. Clean Disk Space: 
    This module of junk cleaner is used to monitor and clear disk-wise space. Monitoring of used and total space is user-friendly and convenient. Defragmenting the disk reduces the launching time of applications.

  5. Recycle Bin: 
    Recycle Bin holds the deleted components of the system that can be restored or permanently deleted. Properties of the deleted components can also be monitored by using this module.

  6. Visual effects:
    The user can monitor and edit the visual effects to gain an optimized and personalized experience. Editing the provided visual effects can lead to a better performing system.

    NPAV Team
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