How to Add Keys in My Account?

You can add your keys to the My Account portal only after Registration and activation of your account. At the time of Registration, your key will be automatically get added to your My Account Portal

There are two different ways to add your keys.

1. Using My Account Portal.
2. Using My Account Application.

1. Using My Account Portal:

Step1: Open My Account portal, and provide your login details then click on Sign In button.

Step 2:

2.1 Click on NPAV Keys tab.
2.2 Click on the Add Key button, it will open a new popup window to add your key. 
2.3 Provide Valid key in Key text box.
2.4 Click on Get Expiry date button, it will automatically fetch your keys expiry date.
2.5 Provide additional information as Type of key Such as Desktop or Laptop.
2.6 Select Location as office or Home.
2.7 Provide Computer Name
2.8 Provide a Friendly name or comment
2.9 Provide its IP address if you don't know the IP address then leave it blank   
2.10 Click on  Submit Button.

It will add your key to the portal, but still, you need to process Add Key functionality through My Account Application. so follow the below steps.

2. Using My Account Application

If you are already registered user, want to add keys to My Account portal then follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Open My Account Application using NPAV dashboard.

Step 2: Click on Existing User button

Step 3: Now Add your Mobile Number or Email id and Password, then click on Add Key button

Step 4: You will get a key added message, and you can now once again open My Account application to check key is added or not.

Now you can manage your key easily, you will get all your Key details and pc health status on your My Account portal.

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