How to Use NPAV Data Vault?

Manage Your Data Backup Jobs

1. Default Job :

  • This job appears after the client installation.
  • This job takes backup of 64 extension file types, which is provided by the company.
  • This job cannot be deleted by the users.
  • This job is editable, user can add / remove folders for backup.
  • The default job can be turned OFF by unchecking "Active Job" option.

2. Add New Job:

  • Enter your new job name in Enter Job Name field.
  • Type / Browse folder path, which you want to take backup of.
  • If you want to include sub folders then check the Include Sub Folder option.
  • If you want to remove folder from the backup then click on Dictionaries Added link to remove it.
  • Default extension will be All for the given Job, but user can change this extension type to Include or Exclude.
    • All: Default 64 extension files will be backed up, which is standard and commonly used extesions provided by the company.
    • Include: Only provided extension files will be backed up.
    • Exclude: All extension files will be backed up except the excluded extensions.

3. Edit Job:

  • Select Job then click on Edit Job button / Doubble click on job to edit.
  • After editing your job, click on Save Job button to save the job.
  • <Job Name> Job Edited Successfully message will be displayed.

4. Start Job:

  • Select job and click on Start Job button to take backup of your selected folders.

5. Restore Backup:

  • Select job and click on Restore Job button to open restore job window.
  • Now click on Search button to display the list of your backed up files.
  • Choose restore type as Folder or Files to take complete restore of the folder or files.
  • Select folders / files to restore your data and the data will be restored at the users desktop with folder name 'Restored Data'.
  • User can restore the data on any selected drive, the default restore path will be users desktop.

6. Update Files:

  • Click on Update button to take latest updated files for Data Vault Software.

7. Delete Job:

  • Select job >> Right click >> Delete Job.
  • This will be delete your Job permanently.
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