Guide for windows 10 desktop blink issue

Windows 10 desktop blink solution, issue due to windows update 

Solution : 

Press  Ctrl + Alt + Del  > Task Manager   > File > Run New Task > Click  Browse

Step 1:   After Browse 

c:   > Program Files (x86)  > Net Protector 2020 > NPAVUPD     (click Open)

Tick > Create this task with admin. privileges


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Step 2: 
Again   Press  Ctrl + Alt + Del  > Task Manager   > File > Run New Task > Click  Browse

After Browse  Click  C:   then  > Program Files (x86) >  Net Protector 2020 >   NPREPAIR  >   Ok

Tick   Create Task with Administrative Privileges

Wait for 2 mins

No popup or screen will come

Ctrl Alt Del  >  Sign-out - Restart PC

And your blinking issue will get solved


For Offline Customers

EXE : Win10Blink

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