Commonly Asked Questions about NPAV Doc Locker

Following are the Commonly asked about NPAV Document Tracker Application:

Q: Whether accessible through email/ internet or mobile app?
A: It is very convenient to take photo of the documents through your mobile, You can use the NPAV Doc Locker app through your android mobile, you will get the OTP on email.

Q: Annual subscription charges?
A: Rs.340/- per year including cost of app and storage.

Q: How many documents can be stored?
A: There is not limit on the number of documents you can store.

Q: Protection measures applied to protect the access to the documents?
A: The documents are encrypted with your own private password which we do not have access to. So the documents can be viewed only by you. The documents are stored on your mobile, An encrypted backup is stored on cloud server. Nobody can view your private and confidential data including NPAV Developers or team, So the product is a secure storage vault as we are in the field of cyber-security and data security we have added highest level of encryption and data security and privacy for your documents.

Q: Can a non technical person or Senior Citizen use this App?
A: App has been designed considering that senior citizens can store their medical related and other documents very easily. It is very user friendly for non-technical and senior citizens and you can store documents of all family members with comments / caption into different categories.

Q: What is the price for next Year?
A: Actual Price for 1 Year APP and Storage is Rs.699/- for every year. For first few customers who will buy @Rs.340 will get same discounted price of Rs.340/- next year

Q: Is the payment auto-debit mode?
A: No the payment is one time only. For next year if you pay then you can continue. No auto debit on your card.

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